The Artists

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    Peggy Ahwesh   (USA, *1954, lives in New York)
She Puppet, 2001, video film (15:00 mins.)

    Chiho Aoshima   (Japan, *1974, lives in Tokio)
A Contented Skull, 2003, digital print

    Natalie Bookchin   (USA, *1962, lives in Los Angeles)
Metapet, 2003, on-line computer game

    Olaf Breuning   (Schweiz, *1970, lives in Zurich)
Lara, 1998, coloured photograph
Skaters, 2001, coloured photograph

    Davix   (Switzerland, *1966, lives in Berlin)
T 2000.03, 2003, video installation

    Christoph Draeger   (Switzerland, *1965, lives in New York)
Puzzled, 1998, video installation
Pan Am 103, Lockerbie 24.12.1988, 2003, acryl-Jet on puzzle

    etoy.CORPORATION   (company founded in 1994/1995)
etoy.Universe, 2003, including: etoy.CHART/HISTORY (1994 – 2003),
etoy.FAQ TOYWAR (1999/2000)

    Sylvie Fleury   (Switzerland, *1961, lives in Geneva)
Dog Toy 4 (Blue Gnome), 2000, polystyrene, varnish
Dog Toy 3 (Crazy Bird), 2000, polystyrene, varnishk

    Lonnie Flickinger   (USA, *1968, lives in Iowa)
Pencil Whipped , 2000, on-line computer gamespiel

    fuchs-eckermann   Mathias Fuchs (Austria, *1956, lives in Manchester) and Sylvia Eckermann
(Austria, *1962, lives in Manchester)
FluID – arena of identities, 2003, gaming environment for three playerseler

    //////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces   Roman Kirschner (Austriy, *1975, lives in Cologne), Volker Morawe (Germany, *1970, lives in Cologne) and Tilmann Reiff (Germany, *1971, lives in Cologne)
SoundSlam, 2002, interactive installation with boxsack

    Jon Haddock   (USA, *1960, lives in Arizona)
Screenshot Series, 2000, digital prints:
12 Angry Men
The Humiliation of Mr. Banks
Cabin – Early Spring
Children Fleeing Napalm Attack
Lee and Jack
Mercedes – Pl. d’Alma
R. King
General Loan Executes a Suspect
Florence and Normandy
Wang Weilin

    Carina Hübner, Meike Schmidt   Carina Hübner (Germany,*1978, lives in Weimar), Meike Schmidt (Germany, *1975, lives in Weimar)
InsideOut, 1999, interactive installation with doll

    Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno   Pierre Huyghe (France, *1962, lives in Paris), Philippe Parreno, (Algeria, *1964, lives in Paris)
Skin of Light, 2002, neon object

    Kristin Lucas   (USA, *1968, lives in New York)
5 Minute Break, 2001, video film (4:35 mins.)

    Margarete Jahrmann, Max Moswitzer   Margarete Jahrmann (Austria, *1967, lives in Zurich and Vienna), Max Moswitzer (Austria, *1968, lives in Vienna)
Dance Machine, 2003, interactiv network game

    Björn Melhus   (Germany, *1966, lives in Berlin and New York)
No Sunshine, 1997, video film (6:15 mins.)

    Yves Netzhammer   (Switzerland, *1970, lives in Zurich)
Am Horizont können wir unsere Sinne ablesen, 2003
Video projection (5:40 mins.)

    Nam June Paik, Paul Garrin   Nam June Paik (Korea, *1932, lives in New York and Wiesbaden), Paul Garrin, (USA, *1957, lives in New York)
A Tale of Two Cities, 1992, video film (60 secs.)

    Fabrizio Plessi   (Italy, *1940, lives in Venice and Mallorca)
L'Enigma degli Adii II, 2003, video sculpture

    Kathleen Ruíz   (USA, *1962, lives in New York)
Stunt Dummies, 2003, interactive installation with computer game,
(Design and Production: Kathleen RuÌz, Programing: Michael Yatsevitch,
Music: Sarah Plant, Choreography: Lisa Naugle, Models: Ian Stead, Kathleen RuÌz,
Michael Yatsevitch)

    sofa23   Stephan Bergmann (Austria,*1980, livesin Graz), Jona Hoier (*1982), Miriam Mone (*1983), Markus Murschitz (Austria,*1982, lives in Graz), Karin Pichler, (Austria,*1980, lives in Graz), Ulrich Reiterer (Austria,*1982, lives in Graz), Milo Tesselaar (Austria,*1982, lives in Graz)
3DMS - the third dimension, 2003, interactive installation with board game

    Bill Viola   (USA, *1951, lives in California)
The Passing, 1991, video film (54:13 mins.)